Ron Pruitt – 1978 Topps

December 16, 2011

The Bloodclots. Never A Good Look.

You know, I like the hat, and I like the font a bit.

But I could never deal with the all-red uniforms. The bloodclots, as it were.

How much weed were they smoking in the Indians front office when they decided to wear THOSE?

And notice that Pruitt is also wearing red spikes, though I wish he’d have red stirrups as well. Red tops are just never a good look, though, and all red uniforms are even worse.

Pruitt was probably happy to don those bloodclots, though. He was happy to don any major league uniform, because while he could hit singles and get on base, he was defensively challenged at catcher (-0.9 dWAR as a catcher in 1978) and didn’t have enough power to be a corner outfielder. He probably would have been best served as a pinch hitter and third-string catcher / fifth outfielder in the NL during an era where he could thrive doing that. But he didn’t get to the NL until the very end of his career.

The Indians, of course, were mostly to blame. They couldn’t decide on whether Rick Cerone, Alan Ashby, Gary Alexander, Bo Diaz or Ron Hassey was their catcher of choice and by the time they settled on a catcher he was already on his decline. And Pruitt was insurance for whoever the catcher du jour was.

Ah, well, he got his mug on some cards and made some nice coin for a while. I don’t think he’s got the blood clots still hanging in his closet though, unless they’re Halloween costumes.



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