It’s On The Way, Next Week

The perfect picture of the a great windup, and a card the right and true and just Night Owl needs.

Not part of the Nebulous 9 – but still…

Pitchers have had funky windups since the dawning of baseball as a sport. I love to watch players that have interesting, unique, non-standard deliveries instead of the “normal” ones. They add color and spice to the game.

Nomo’s delivery reminded me a bit of Luis Tiant’s, from the wind-up:

Now, if only MLB woudl allow me to post stuff from classic Tiant-era Red Sox games, then you could see.

Same thing, though – the motion added deception combined with the already filthy stuff meant – pain for the batters. Well, until they figured it out. Nomo started to give up a lot of dingers, and then fell behind in counts.

Still, though he was neat to watch!