UPDATE: It’s over folks! Now the fun part…to ship out knowing that some people have received cards that they would get in this cleaning. But you know, what’s doubles among friends, eh?

UPDATE 2: The want list will still evolve!

It’s here, luv! Gear and Fab! Or not…

It’s Smed’s Spring Cleaning, 2011.

I’ve already sent an advance copy of what this is to some of my collector friends that I’ve already done business with, and some teams and sets have been selected. However, I’ve tweaked the rules a bit, so they can pay attention to.

The premise is this:

I have quite a few doubles, relics, parallels, etc. that I am not collecting. I’ve decided to keep all of the Expos stuff because I’m contrary like that (I guess I am now a declared Expos collector now), but everything else (minis, etc.) must go.

Why? Well, I’m not going to put this out there but this year has been tough for me personally and emotionally and I don’t want to lug around my doubles if / when I have to move.

So that’s where the Spring Cleaning comes in.

I have separated all of the sets I don’t want / need / will never collect and all of the relics / autos / etc. that I’ve pulled and not sent away. I am segregating some by team – some like the Cards and Dodgers have some but not a lot thanks to some active traders. Others are basically untouched and could definitely be trade bait or starting a new collection.

It’s going to work like this. You can select a team, a set, or select the ‘grab bags’ of relics, minis and cards that aren’t team specific or cards where I may have triples, etc. I didn’t want to burden those with teams with a whole bunch of junk wax or a set that many have (like 2007 Topps). Yet, since I’m in clearing house mode those who do select a team may see a 1990 Fleer or 1988 Donruss in there.

What is the cost? Well, shipping (and I’ll ship and then tell you the cost, so that’s the honor system. There is honor amongst collectors, right?) and then some number of cards from my lists, whatever you feel like. I have my bindered sets and my unbindered sets. The unbindered are not collated with holes for what is missing in the checklist. Some of the unbindered I haven’t really done a want list (since I may have just 50 to 75 cards) but if you want to contribute to one of those sets let me know.

Right now I just want one team and / or one set per customer, first come first serve. Basically, by signing up now you are taking a chance you have stuff on my want list I need, but you are guaranteed the team or set you want. As for grab bags, I don’t know how many there will be, but you can sign up first come first serve. So pick a team, a set, or one of each. Email me at smedindy@gmail.com!

THE TEAMS (Includes numbered parallels, relics, etc.):

Arizona – Dawg
Atlanta – Cardboard Junkie
Baltimore – Oh NO!
Boston – Off The Wall

Chicago (AL) – White Sox Cards
Chicago (NL) – Justin’s World
CincinnatiLifetime Topps
Cleveland – Nachos Grande
Colorado – Kevin M
Detroit – Potch Wheeler
Florida – Wicked
Houston – Dimwit

Kansas City – Josh D
Los Angeles (AL) – Angels In Order
Los Angeles (NL) – Night Owl
Milwaukee – Jason C
Minnesota – Rhubarb
New York (AL) – For Card’s Sake
New York (NL) – Benny
OaklandNomo’s Sushi
Philadelphia – Dawg
Pittsburgh – Kevin M
San DiegoPR Paint
San Francisco – Play At The Plate
Seattle – Emerald City
St. Louis – Cards On Cards
Tampa – Wicked
Texas – Play At The Plate
Toronto – Wicked
Washington – Kevin M

Sets (Includes regular inserts, short prints and minis):

2011 Heritage – Nachos Grande + Cards On Cards
2011 Topps Series 1 + Opening Day – BA Benny
2010 Heritage – Kevin M
2010 Topps Series 1 & 2 – GRAB BAGGED
2010 Topps Opening Day + UpdatesBA Benny
2009 + 2010 A&G – Bad Wax
2009 Topps Base + Updates – Justin’s World
2009 Upper Deck OPC – OH! NO!
2009 Upper Deck – Jason C
2008 + 2009 Heritage – Night Owl
2008 Topps Series 1 & 2 – Jason C
2008 Topps Opening Day + Updates – Jason C
2007 Fleer Ultra Nomo’s Sushi
2007 Fleer Base = GRAB BAGGED
2007 Topps Series 1 & 2 – GRAB BAGGED
2007 Topps Opening Day + Updates – GRAB BAGGED
2007 Upper Deck – Kevin M
2006 Fleer Tradition – Nomo’s Sushi

Grab Bags – Wicked, Spastik Moose, Kevin M, Cards On Cards, Nomo’s Sushi, Play At The Plate, BA Benny

3 Responses to “Spring Cleaning 2011! CLOSED! THANKS!”

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  2. Nick Says:

    I can probably fulfill your 2007 Fleer and 2006 Fleer Tradition needs.

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