August 22, 2012

I’ve been on the ‘blogging DL’ due to work and other projects. I’m on a rehab assignment now, and hopefully will be activated soon. Hah.

Still Here

May 22, 2012

My job and my Bugs & Cranks writing has occupied my time. More soon, I promise.

Watch This Space

October 23, 2011

Coming after the World Series…

…more of the same…

…well, the same as it used to be, not these silly updates.


A Quick Word…

September 8, 2011

…that I will probably resume full time blogging in six weeks. Started the new job, moving to a new place and retrieving my cards (and the others stuff that I didn’t bring down here) in mid-October.

I ripped some packs (they had Gypsy Queen still at a Target in Deerfield Beach) and updated my want list. So peruse, of course! I can send you my temporary address!

Stay dry, everyone who got hit by Irene or is in a flood zone!

Cards Are Packed Away

August 18, 2011


My collection is currently in a storage unit in Eden Prairie, MN. And they won’t be reunited with me until later in the year when I have a time to fly up to MN and then rent a truck and drive it down to wherever I’m staying in FL.

But that won’t mean I won’t take the return of some trades, since I now have everything on a spreadsheet so I know what I need! And I’ll be sending you all my new temp address. I just can’t send anything out for a while. There may be another spring cleaning on the way next year, perhaps.

Or I may just use the 1987 Topps doubles I have for wallpaper!

Anyway, I’m out as a blogger for a few months. As a reader, sure! But can’t post.

Temporary toodles!


So what does this do to this blog?

Well, it’s on hiatus for a while, but the want lists will be updated. And I’ll be in touch!

Another Placeholder, Etc.

August 9, 2011

Hey there!

I am waiting on decisions and another round of interviews. I’ll finish Gint-A-Cuffs and resume the normal mayhem. Hang loose!

BTW, the want lists are updated!

Another Placeholder

August 4, 2011

Things are popping, happening, moving. More cards later.

…and the Gint-A-Cuff scoring to go to DC for an interview….

…and then when I return to cook for the church BBQ and have another interview…

…and then have yet another interview…

Be back in a week or so!