What is this? This be a blog about baseball cards. Mostly I’m trying to be funny. These are all in my collection and are available for trade. Yeah, trade. Of course, you pros already have a skidillion of these cards, but hey. I’ve gone through my doubles in Spring Cleaning, but they still be in my collection. Gawk away!

2 Responses to “What It Is”

  1. Play at the Plate Says:

    Smed, send me an email about my MCG trade idea…I need to know what you have to trade and when we might be able to get a trade set up.


  2. Arthur Says:

    Hey Smed- Wow, you’re a tough guy to find. We’ve been trying to get in touch with all of our former members and it’s been a difficult task. If you get this, please shoot us an email. If you don’t, we’ll have to find even more creative ways to track you down. Hope to hear from you soon and thanks!

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