Everyone’s got a ‘pinion on what they deem collectable or uncollectable. Now, I’m not one of those high-and-mighty voice of God collectors who denigrate ‘junk wax’ at every turn. In fact, I shudder when I hear of folks burning or shredding those cards. There are a lot of tweens and pre-teens who would die for those cards. SO WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN! THE CHILDREN!

(Yes, the kids would even like cards of Jeff Kaiser and Bill Wegman, and would appreciate even the Big Red Donruss or Old Yeller Fleer…)

I recently went through a Spring Cleaning where I divested myself of all of my doubles pending a move, and it made me think that I need to let the world know what my collecting desires are. So without further ado..


Sets!  – Here’s my current want list with sets that are uncollated, “horizon” and complete. But even in the sets, I have some parameters. I don’t chase managers, all-stars, inserts, leaders, team cards, short prints checklists, or any non-player cards. I will add them to my binders, but I don’t get ’em in a bunch if I don’t get the Yankees Team Card, a Heritage short print or a Lou Piniella manager card. So looking through my binders of my ‘complete’ sets – I may be missing a couple of cards but the sets are complete to me. And in fact, cards that are JUST checklists, they go. Don’t want ’em, don’t need ’em.

Expos! – I am going to compile a list of Expos I need from sets I don’t collect soon. This WILL include cards that I normally don’t collect in sets, but it’s the Expos, ya know. I feel sorry for them since the team was unfairly and unjustly ripped from them.

Twins! – Same as the Expos. The list will arrive soon.


Relics, Chromes, Shiny Stuff, Numbered Parallels, Mini Inserts, Autographs – I don’t collect for those. I don’t care if I get a black parallel of David Wright. I want the normal David Wright. That’s all I need. And this chair…

I do keep the unnumbered parallels as placeholders for the common cards (which you may need on my spreadsheets) but that ain’t why I do this.


When I collected for the first time in 1977 and 1978, I learned the players. When I collected for a time in 1987 and 1988, it was to supplement my Fantasy Baseball knowledge. Now, it’s nostalgia and discovering the new generation of players. I missed out knowing the depth of baseball players for many years because I didn’t pay attention. Cards helped me pay attention. See, I’m the guy who actually LOOKS UP someone he doesn’t know. And there’s nothing better than ripping open a pack and seeing a card that you need staring right up at you.


Yes, my ultimate goal is to collect every main set and selected others from Topps, Fleer, Donruss, Score, Upper Deck, Pinnacle, Pacific, etc. but I had to retrench and concentrate on what was really important for me at the time. And on some sets, it’s how I think they look. I never did like the recent Topps 206 or National Chicle sets so I won’t collect ’em. And I don’t think I want some of the Fleer sets in their Trip-Hop rave phase, and after a while I just gave up on Upper Deck’s multiple set philosophy. But I’ll sort these things out.


As soon as I settle into a new place, I’ll start back up buying grab bags and stuff and accumulating doubles, etc. And I’ll be sure I’m in line to get A&G, 2011 Update and the 2011 Bowman Prospects, so there will be room for good stuff. So I’ll be offering the doubles, parallels for trade. So be patient, grasshopper.


Yes, discuss how a journeyman relief pitcher can become a swingin’ doctor on the Pacific Princess in just a few short years?

4 Responses to “My Collecting Manifesto…(Well, As Of Summer, 2011)”

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