Jon Lester – 2011 Allen & Ginter

July 24, 2011


Round 4 Gint-A-Cuff

I’ll get rolling soon..

Regular Cards:

227 – Lucas (De Camptown Ladies Sing This Song) Duda – Mets

221 – Mark Rogers – Brewers

215 – Andrew McCutchen – Pirates

183 – Mike Napoli – Rangers

320 – John Lester – Red Sox – SHORT PRINT! (+2 SP, +2 someone’s fave)

AOM7 – Chordates (+1)

HH26 – Torii Hunter Hometown Heroes

Mini – 332 – Luke Hochevar – SHORT PRINT (+3)

Pack Total – 9

Running Total – 26


Duda is going to force the Mets hand soon. Either Murphy, Davis or Duda have to go (or two of them…) and they can reap some talent.

Rogers? He’s got the disease of desk jockeys everywhere. CARPAL TUNNEL! Youch!

McCutchen is the one player the Pirates need to keep above anyone else if this season’s good times are to continue.

Napoli is one of the reasons that the Rangers are second in runs scored in the AL. Freed from being an everyday catcher, his bat is blossoming!

Lester is a bonafide ace. Bona fide. Ace.

Hunter’s OBP is down and his whiffs are way up. Next year could be ugly for Torii.

Can Hochevar be a league average pitcher? How sad is it that a #1 overall pick has to scuffle to a 0.0 WAR. I’ll have more on the 2006 draft some year, but the first round was either terrific or awful for everyone.



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