Pat Scanlon – 1978 Topps

January 15, 2011


I know Kerry did this, just yesterday, but I had it scanned. And well, I’m taking a different tack on it.

I do remember Scanlon. Not because he was involved in a couple of trades (what, you don’t remember the epic Expos / Cards trade where Tony Scott, Scanlon and Steve “Stunning” Dunning went to St. Louis for Angel Torres, Sam Mejias, and Bill Grief? How about where Scanlon and John “Ball Four” D’Acquisto were sent to the Padres for Butch Metzger? No?) but for his name.

See, one of my favorite shows growing up was Barney Miller. And one of the minor, yet memorable characters, was the prick from Internal Affairs.


While I couldn’t find anything about Scanlon on video, here’s the opening title!

And here’s the actor, George Murdock:

As for Pat, I most remember him for being in the game (that I was watching) when Dave Kingman and Mick Kelleher got into a fight. Kingman hit a home run in game one of a double-header, and in the second inning of game two Steve Renko drilled him. George Hendrick hit a grounder to short. Ivan DeJesus flipped the ball to Kelleher, and Kingman totally took him out. Mick didn’t take kindly, and IT WAS ON!

By all accounts, Kelleher beat the snot out of Kingman.

So where was Scanlon? In the third Alvin Dark  hit for Bob Shirley with Scanlon, and I’m sure I did my “SCANLON! INTERNAL AFFAIRS!” line much to my dad’s chagrin.

The things I remember, yet I can’t keep my two daughter’s names straight…


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