Denard Span – 2008 Topps

September 6, 2010

Son, I Am Disappoint, Pt. 2

Denard Span looks like a mad mo-fo here. And he was mad, bad and dangerous to know for opponents in 2008 and 2009. With a bit more improvement this season he could be a legit top-tier CF and perennial all-star.

But what’s happened to him in 2010?

His BA and OBP are way down. His defense has suffered (though most of the time he’s been playing between Delmon Young and Jason Kubel, who each have the range of a hobbled aardvark). His WAR is a pitiful 0.2 this year.

Well, he’s better than Carlos Gomez, but up here in Twins Territory were hoping for someone to develop like Torii Hunter, not Jacque Jones.

Looking at his similarities through 25, the most similar batter is the legendary Homer Summa, who also fell off the cliff after a great start to his career. Other similar batters are Alex Metzler (another fast starter who plummeted to Earth), Ken Griffey, Johnny Grubb, Carl Furillo, Vin Campbell (disappeared after the FL debacle), Jigger Statz (infamous for great hitting and horrific fielding), Doc Smoot (another washout after a great start), Bill Virdon and Lyman Bostock.

Bostock, of course, rings a big bell for older Twins fans. And if Span can become Bostock (without the early death, of course) then Twins fans will be happy.

But if he’s Homer Summa, then Ben Revere better get ready in a hurry!