Dave Hilton – 1977 Topps

April 18, 2012

Still Here…

Been crazy. I’m not going to beat myself up over it because why bother? It’s a blog about a hobby and real life happens. Such as:

1. Five straight work days of 7A calls for work.

2. Taxes and financial stuff.

3. Planning a trip back to MN to see the kids and the girlfriend.

4. Planning a work trip to a client.

5. Planning for the girlfriend to move down here.

6. Writing for Bugs & Cranks.

7. Stuff and things.

Basically, my brain has been dead. My finances aren’t in the best shape, but this was expected in the timing of the whole move down here.

So I chose Dave Hilton as my representation for the prodigal blogger.

The Padres had high apple pie in the sky hopes for Hilton. Frankly, though, they had a lot of high draft picks that rather much, um, kerplopped (well there’s that Winfield guy…) and Hilton was one of them. He basically became a AAAA-player that had enough holes in his game for big league pitchers to exploit and he was hampered as a utility guy because he didn’t play shortstop.

The Blue Jays gave him a shot to make the team in 1977 and he didn’t. Not making the team when guys like Hector Torres, Steve Skaggs, Dave McKay and Tim Nordbrook were hanging around had to hurt. So he went to Japan for a couple of seasons and was involved in an ugly series of events that cost him and manager Don Blasingame their jobs. (Not Hilton’s fault, but he was a pawn in the game of baseball…)

My appearances here may be spotty until I get my mojo hand back. Hopefully I won’t get DFA’d by my own blog.



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