Mickey Brantley – 1989 Topps

April 13, 2012

Out Of The Park 13 Brings Back Memories Of The Past

I’ve been in and out of card collecting but I’ve always had a soft spot for baseball simulation games.

Ever since I first got my hands on (from a garage sale) of an old Sports Illustrated game recapping the 1971 season, I’ve fallen for games that simulate the workings of a ball game from a managerial perspective. Sure, it may be fun to play a video game simulation, but for me, it’s always been playing baseball as a manager that has made me tick. I’ve had several dice games and now several computer games. Last year, I bought Out of the Park 12 for my iPhone and play it almost daily even though I’ve pulled the plug a few times on a game (getting to 2015 with the Twins just seemed a bit, odd, since at the time the 2011 Twins were flailing).

Brantley was the star of my APBA team one year, and in playing Out of the Park 13 I was in deep nostalgia mode. And while I enjoy the computer game I had loaded on my laptop I have been knocked out by the robust features of Out of the Park 13.

This product allows you to do almost everything strategically in regards to baseball. You can manage the team, be the general manager, be the farm director, draft players, listen (or ignore) scouts, waive players, trade players, designate players for assignment, you name it. You are in control. El jefe!

You can even create fictional players and fictional leagues, which can be dangerous if you have an inflated ego.

I’ve been playing the 2012 Marlins (since I’m now in Florida) and have been impressed with the options for game play. At times, the options seem a bit overwhelming, and until you get used to it navigating around is intimidating. One thing that is still an issue is navigating away from a player back to a team roster but that may be that I haven’t seen the hot button yet. (There are a lot of buttons and options everywhere – which is good and bad).

The only other quibble is the message that pops up between batters which distracts the eye, but that’s a quibble.

The actual game play is robust and inclusive. If you want to get hyper-granular, you can do that by going pitch-by-pitch and forcing pitchers to warm up. But you can also take a more relaxed view. You can simulate games or portions of games and have the system play them if you desire.

The neat part is the GM mode. You negotiate contracts, send players up and down, trade them, release them, the whole works.

At any rate, Out of the Park 13 is well worth the money and will give you weeks and months of enjoyment! It’s highly recommended for a baseball junkie who wants more than a simple video game.

Now, I’ll see if I can create the 1987 version of Mickey Brantley. The Marlins could use him!



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