Charlie Hough – 1993 Topps

April 6, 2012

I’ve Been Away

Sorry I’ve been silent a bit:

A. That work thing. It’s going to get intense soon. With that comes some dialoging with our friends in Bangalore. 7AM conference calls, hello!

B. I’ve been thinking hard about re-tooling my collection to see if I can get some money from some of it (my Bowmans and maybe my Opening Days) and scaling back purchases for a while thanks to temporary budget crunches thanks to some increases in costs and an upcoming trip back to Minnesota.

C. The Bugs & Cranks writing thing, which led to a re-broadcast on the Huff Post. (Yay for me!)

D. Just contemplating the meaning of life, liberty and pursuing my happiness.

So I give you the Opening Day starter for the 1993 Marlins, and more wackiness will ensue.

One Response to “Charlie Hough – 1993 Topps”

  1. Greg C. Says:

    Now more likely to be known as the uncle of two “Dancing With the Stars” professional dancers (Julianne and Derek Hough).

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