Dave Pagan – 1977 Topps

March 27, 2012

What Color Is That Anyway?

Now, I’m no artiste, nor a photographer, but I have a question.

Everyone knows that the Mariners (and Brewers – who also had many hats airbrushed in this style) colors were blue. Not sky blue or turquoise but blue blue.

So why did Topps hang this whatever-you-call-it color on several M’s their first year or two?

Did they just not care about the M’s that card over card the colors (and logos) were mismatched?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Pagan’s claim to fame was being part of the ginormous Yanks / O’s trade in 1976 that Orioles out of Rick Dempsey, Scott McGregor and Tippy Martinez (hard to think of them as anything else but Orioles) along with Rudy May while the Yanks rented Doyle Alexander, Ellie Hendricks and Grant Jackson and also acquired a punching bag for Billy Martin (Ken Holtzman). While the Yanks won the 1976 pennant the trade was a swindle.

He also was a hard thrower who eschewed the national sport of Canada (hockey) to play baseball. Coming from Saskatchewan that was a big ol’ deal. As an original M he struggled but seemingly put it together after twirling a 3-0 shutout against Oakland in mid-May. But he undid that work by seeing his ERA raise two full points in a month (hard to do) and then being dumped to Pittsburgh for a PTBNL which turned into Rick Honeycutt, after which he was sent down by the Pirates. He pitched one game for Pittsburgh in late September and that was it.

All we have now is this…with whatever the hell color it is? Any one have the Pantone number for it?

2 Responses to “Dave Pagan – 1977 Topps”

  1. Greg C. Says:

    Scott, if memory serves me, some or all of the 1977 cards (and the lousy airbrushing) were created before anyone had seen M’s and Blue Jays’ hats and uniforms; all they had to go on were the press releases that showed the logos. (Check out this card — http://imageevent.com/jeffintoronto/psaregisteredsets/1977toppstorontobluejaysteamset?p=6&n=1&m=45&c=5&l=0&w=4&s=0&z=2 — is that a red Maple Leaf or a Rorschach blot?)

  2. Greg C. Says:

    And this one: http://imageevent.com/jeffintoronto/psaregisteredsets/1977toppstorontobluejaysteamset?p=19&n=1&m=45&c=5&l=0&w=4&s=0&z=2 The logo is tiny compared to the size of the hat.

    At least they didn’t have an entire set of cards for these new M’s and Jays that were shot from ground level showing only the underside of the brim.

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