Mason Tobin – 2011 Topps

February 26, 2012

Did He Get A Playoff Share Too?

Was just filing and re-arranging my doubles and I came across Mr. Tobin.

I’ll have to admit, he was a cipher to me.

Topps snagged him for a Series 2 base card when he made the Rangers out of spring training. You can tell that’s a spring training shot by the hat (those loathsome hats…).

The back of the card doesn’t offer much help. He was purchased by the Rangers from the Cubs after the Northsiders snagged him in the Rule V draft from the Angels. He didn’t play in 2010 and the card said he had Tommy John’s surgery (as Dr. James Andrews puts it) and three years of physical restrictions before the draft.

Talk about a wing and a prayer…but that’s Rule V.

Tobin (he of two last names, make it three since his middle name is Reed) had a rough go of it in the Texas bullpen. He appeared in four April games, giving up five hits, five walks and five runs (four earned) in 5 1/3 innings. He didn’t whiff anyone, either, so I guess big league hitters weren’t exactly fooled by his stuff.

(Side note: I first thought of Dave Tobik when I saw his name, then seeing his first and middle name I also thought of Mike Mason and Ron Reed. Then I thought of Tobin Sprout, who was Robin to Robert Pollard’s Batman in the early-to-middle days of Guided By Voices. And now I just thought of ye olde QB Tobin Rote. Wow, my brain is a scramble of sports and pop-culture tonight…)

Looking at his minor league stats, he definitely was on ‘restricted duty’ after being drafted in the 16th round by the Angels in 2007.

He roared through the Arizona League and then pitched well in the Pioneer League. He threw 56 1/3 innings with a 2.08 ERA and 55 whiffs. That was the most he’s ever pitched as a pro.

In 2008 he threw 37 1/3 innings for Cedar Rapids before shutting down.

In 2009 he threw 2 2/3 innings (two hits, two walks, four unearned runs) for Rancho Cucamonga. Total.

He didn’t pitch in 2010, as stated before.

And it turns out, those 5 1/3 innings were all that he threw in 2011 before going on the 60-day DL. The Rangers outrighted him in November after the Angels decided to let the Rangers keep him.

But he got a card in the base Topps set and he was ‘part’ of the Rangers WS team, even though in pro ball he’s thrown only 101 2/3 innings.

And he went through another TJ surgery to boot! I wonder if he got a two-for-one deal?




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