Anthony Young – 1993 Topps

February 25, 2012


First, I value traders such as Nachos and Dimwit, as I received some great cards that allowed me to complete two sets (well, as complete as I want ’em). Hurray!

Second, I had a lesson in value. I auctioned off the 2011 set that I received from Topps as a redemption for the Diamond Giveway. The price I received wasn’t that great. Now, I didn’t publicize it with you all, just slipped it on eBay, but I wonder if the set was really as exclusive as you would think or that a 2011 set isn’t so valued anymore.

Third, some collectors wonder why I don’t get into shiny, autos, relics, etc. Well, I don’t value them enough to chase them. I value trying to collect base sets (and a few others that look kind of neat) with a big mass of every day ordinary players. Like major league baseball players are truly every day and ordinary.

Again, it’s all about value.

I’m sure that kidlets and others that pulled this card in their packs in 1993 we’re going, “Anthony Young? BUM! No value!”

Well, his perceived value was low, mainly due to his 1916 Philadelphia A’s-esque record In 1992, he went 2-14 and while this card was out in stores he was on his way to a 1-16 record in 1993, leaving his ML record at 5-35 for his career.

Holy Jack Nabors and Tom Sheehan!

Of course, W/L record for pitchers is a very skewed way in looking at a player’s value. Young’s career ERA at the end of 1993 was 3.82. His ERA+ was 98. He did give up 20 un-earned runs in 1993 so his WAR was negative. However, he wasn’t as hapless as 5-35 would seem.

You have to have some value to a team, some talent, something, to allow you to go 5-35 over a 2 1/2 seasons. The Mets were pretty awful on many levels, so Young was the least of their worries, bad record and all.

His 5-35 mark was a symptom, sort of like a runny nose. And those Mets didn’t have many Kleenex much less antibiotics.



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