Laddie Renfroe – 1992 Score

February 4, 2012

Oh, Laddie M’Boy…Ya Just Din’ Have It…

Cohen Williams “Laddie” Renfroe – interesting name, interesting stats, and an interesting pitching style.

He was a minor league closer going up through the Cubs chain and in 1989 in AA he compiled some quirky stats. Starting just two games, while appearing with 78, he went 19-7 with 15 saves.

But AAA was a bit rougher. Yet the Cubs being the Cubs, they reached for Laddie in mid-1991 to fill one of their bullpen holes.

It didn’t work out. In four games, he gave up seven runs, 11 hits, and two walks in 4 2/3 innings. His most regrettable performance was in his third game on July 7th against the Cards. He blew a one-run lead with two out in the ninth, and then after the Cubs scratched out a run off of Cris “The Punter” Carpenter in the 11th, Renfroe gave up a double to Todd Zeile, and then three singles and a walk for the loss. After nine days, he had one lousy performance against Atlanta and it was back to Iowa, for good.

After 1992, he was out of the game.

Had Score not wanted an huge set in 1992, Renfroe would never have received a card. He did get a major league debut card for Topps in 1992 but not a card in a regular set, except for this one.

Say what you want about huge sets (like the 10,357 card sets of late Upper Deck), sometimes these big sets give a guy their only shot at cardboard glory.

As long as they look at the front, and not look at the stats on the back, I bet Cohen Williams Renfroe (“Laddie” to his friends) is quite proud!



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