Rick Parker – 1991 Topps

January 21, 2012

Epitome Of Scrubness

You think Kevin Mitchell or Brett Butler would be squatting down in the outfield?

Parker played 163 games in his career and had just 251 plate appearances. He started only 34 games in his career and played in the field in just 96.

But in 1990, Roger Craig played him at second, short and third and as a shortstop he made two plays in the field with no errors.

But heck, Parker was just happy to be there. It’s not every day that a 26-year old hitting .237 in AA with no power and 17 of 30 as a base stealer winds up in the bigs the next year.

His other claim to fame was as the PTBNL in the trade that sent Steve Bedrosian to San Francisco for Dennis Cook, Charlie Hayes and Terry Mulholland.

Fame? Well, of interest. Well, of note. Well.

Heck, he was a big leaguer and got his picture on a few cards. That’s fame enough. Even if he was the ultimate scrubnee.

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