Alan Trammell – 1983 Topps

January 9, 2012

2012, What You Got?

Well, another year has come and gone, and another HOF election has come and gone. Barry Larkin deserved induction, but what do players like Tim Raines, Jeff Bagwell and Alan Trammell need to do to get in? Knock off the old geezers in the BBWAA so people who understand how to compare players in a contextual manner can vote?

Anyway, people have been batting around what they’re going to do in 2012, so I guess I will.

First, I’ll follow my Manifesto. Unless I don’t. But mostly, I will.

Second, because of some tight money issues, I’ll need to really curtail purchases in the first half of 2012. Which means probably just going for Topps Base thus far. I’ll probably get to Heritage and either Gypsy Queen or A & G, and then Topps Updates. But no to Bowman, and no to Opening Day. At least for now.

Now, what to do about some of my older sets. I may want to rethink what I’ve got in my collection. Maybe I don’t need my Opening Day collections. Maybe I don’t need my Bowmans. But who would want them, and would I use them as trade bait or sell them outright? I need the cash but I’d love to get some more of my sets completed.

Think, think, think….

Unfortunately, some HOF voters don’t do that.

One Response to “Alan Trammell – 1983 Topps”

  1. Great card of Tram. One of my favorites of his.

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