Gary Serum – 1979 Topps

December 22, 2011

Part Of The Bounty

During my recent (and still continuing) madcap days (daze) I received a nice haul of cards from Bo, who blogs on this great site. Of course, every package from Bo is stellar. I’m going to send his return package tomorrow before I fly back to Minnesota to see my girls for Christmas.

BTW, it takes a lot more suitcase space to pack winter clothes than my Florida garb.

So I leave you with this, a player signed out of a tryout camp, and somehow made the bigs (and pitched one full season and parts of two others) despite being undrafted AND amassing an 8.10 ERA in Rookie League with just two strikeouts and five walks in 10 innings.

Serum now owns a wings and beer joint in Anoka. Sounds like a good life.

2 Responses to “Gary Serum – 1979 Topps”

  1. A major leaguer AND a wing/beer joint owner. Not a bad life.

  2. Bo Rosny Says:

    Glad you enjoy them!

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