Jeff Conine – 1994 Pinnacle

December 19, 2011

Mr. Marlin? That’s ME!

Attention intarwebs.

I applied for and was accepted by the scholars and fine gentlemen at Bugs & Cranks to be their Marlins scribe for 2012. In fact, my first post for them is up. All Smitty asked me to do was ‘pay attention’ and that is what I will do. Someone has to down here.

Right now it’s snow bird season here in South Florida. It’s so fun driving in Palm Beach (and Broward) County trying to get from point “A” to point “B” during the mad convergence of quitting time, Christmas shopping, and the ending of the early-bird specials. That leads to plenty of time for scanning the radio, and at times I subject myself to sports talk radio down here.

I’ve got five sports yakkers on my AM presets. There is definitely a Noo Yawk vibe to them and during the fall it was all about firing Tony Sparano and the NBA lockout.I couldn’t listen to the yakkers and the minions that called in because it was inane prattling. I knew the Dolphins would stink – and they did. They could have dug up Bill Walsh to call the offense and Vince Lombardi to call the defense and they’d still stink.

Well, Sparano has been fired and the NBA is back (and the Heat-slurping by the local media has begun in EARNEST), which could have led to some talk on the local yakkers about the Marlins, but I really don’t think the Marlins big splashes have moved the needle.

Heck, the Panthers are probably the best (at least most improved and exciting) club in their conference and no one gives them a mention.

So after the signings? Zzzzz…

South Florida is more excited about Tebow than the Marlins. Which may be a good thing. Being all excited for a team that may finish 4th would mean the yakkers would be all over the ‘problems’ with them.

Much like the Dolphins, the problem is simple – they’re not that good.

However, I don’t think anyone here will notice until the Heat ends its playoff run. Which should be in the fourth quarter of the season…heh.




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