Cory Snyder – 1991 Fleer

December 13, 2011

I’ve Had Better Days…

So why not post one of the most infuriating players in history?

Time and again, fans, managers and fantasy players relied on Snyder to be a big dog!

His versatility was appealing. His arm was supposed to be terrific. His power potential, awe-inspiring. His mullet, classic.

Yet, he never progressed.

His defense was always problematic. Yes, he could play right field. He could play shortstop. But technically, I could play shortstop, and that’s going to be a problem. His lifetime DWAR was -4.7.

Many players can’t field, and a -4.7 DWAR over a career isn’t a dealbreaker. If you can hit.

If you can hit.

Technically, he could hit – that’s what scouts said. As a rookie in 1986, he had an OPS+ of 115, which for a 23-year old rookie isn’t so bad. In 1988, his OPS+ grew to 122 and his WAR was 2.5 (including defense). And in 1992, for the Giants, his OPS+ was a very respectable 118.

Technically, he could hit. Practically, he didn’t.

1987 – He hit 33 bombs, but walked just 31 times against 166 strikeouts, and didn’t even slug .500 (or even .475) with those 33 dingers. An 89 OPS+ and with his defensive issues, he was sub-replacement in WAR. How odd was that? Only seven seasons have a war less than 0.0 with over 30 home runs. (The leader in the clubhouse? Dante Bichette’s -2.8 WAR for 34 HR and 133 RBI in 1999. Thank you pre-Humidor Coors).

1989 – Snyder hit a whopping .215 with a .251 OBP and just 18 home runs.

1990 – He improved (?) to a .672 OPS, but had just 14 home runs. Cleveland said, ‘Goodbye To You’.

He was traded to the White Sox for Eric King and Shawn Hillegas. The winner of that trade were the agate type junkies, other than that…

The White Sox soon tired of him, and flipped him to Toronto for immortals Shawn Jeter and Steve Wapnick.

Yikes. From SI cover boy to Steve Wapnick.  Oh, and he asked for over a million in arbitration from the White Sox before the season. Back when a million was a million, you know.

The Jays released him and the Giants took a flier. It paid off, and then the Dodgers took him on.

The Dodgers got a right fielder who slugged less than .400 in over 570 plate appearances in 1993. In 1994, he came off the bench and performed just as poorly. After a brief appearance in Pawtucket in 1995, that was that, as it were.

But in his ‘hey day’ (as it were) – the fantasy bidding wars for Snyder were fierce. THIS IS THE YEAR!

Cleveland was always convinced. THIS IS THE YEAR!

The Dodgers, of course, were buoyed by his year in San Francisco. THIS IS THE YEAR!

It never really was the year.

(Note: Since I read Bill James’ books religiously before the Rotiss drafts, I never bid Snyder unless to bid him up for some sucker. Trust me! Honest!)

I think the most telling comment was on the back of this here card:

“Long heralded savior of the Indians, has yet to reach full potential.”

Ouch babe!

Does it make me feel better to laugh at Snyder’s failings? Well, kinda. Those wacky Germans and that schadenfreude, they knew what they were talking about. I do feel better.

But just maybe it was the pizza, too. Mmmm…pepperoni!

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  1. Cory Snyder,

    Brings back memories!

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