Kevin Elster – 1989 Topps

December 4, 2011

Does This Count As Game Action?

First, I just noticed, as I was looking for this card, that the Baseball Card Cyber Museum has added more than just Topps to it’s repertoire as I saw some of Elster’s Fleer cards in there. Check it out!

Second, I’m going through my doubles to sort them for some trades and have put some of those doubles into a bag. Yes, a bag. It’s the usual junk wax suspects, really that I had way too many of. But what I can do is go to the bag, pull out a card, and, write about it. Why not!

Third, I’m going to be emailing some of yas for trades during December. Be afraid, you know what that means!

But now I gotta write about Kevin Elster.


You’d think that he’d be a defensive wizard, but no. His dWAR was -2.0 for his career.However, he had one of the flukiest seasons ever.

After his Mets career ended after the 1992 season, he was a vagabond. In 1993, he was property of the Dodgers and Marlins but saw no big league time. He was signed and released by the Padres for spring training 1994. The Yanks picked him up and discarded him quickly, as did the Royals and Phils. The Rangers signed him for 1996.

He had 101 big league at bats in 1994 and 1995, but the Rangers made him the regular in 1996. On paper, it paid off. He was an improvement over Benji Gil, he socked 24 home runs and knocked in 99 runs and Texas won the AL West.

However, his OPS+ was only 90 even with those home runs, and his defense was less than stellar. Texas decided Gil was ready again and Elster was allowed to become a free agent.

He was a pennant-winning shortstop who hit 24 home runs and almost knocked in 100. What did that get him?

A ticket to Pittsburgh. Joy.

One Response to “Kevin Elster – 1989 Topps”

  1. Bo Rosny Says:

    Put me on your list. I’ve got a whole bunch of cards for you. Will get back to you later this week.

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