Dan Briggs – 1977 Topps

November 18, 2011

It’s A Great Day!

It’s my birthday! (Didn’t want to leave you in suspense.) In fact, it’s my Doug Plank birthday! (You should know what that means!) (It’s also Nachos Grande’s birthday too, but I think I was here first. Not on the ‘net, but, here here. Which isn’t always the best thing ever…)

Whilst I know there are a couple of players that are born on my exact day, I don’t know if I have cards for them.

I do know I have (or had) this one, because he was the first player that I knew that shared my birthday.

When I first went through my cards to find players with my birthday, I was hoping for someone with pizzaz. But, I got Briggs.

Through history, my day hasn’t been loaded with stellar players. Oh, some players were notable, like Deacon McGuire, Colby Jack Coombs, Gene Mauch (ok, he was a stellar manager,or stellar enough), Roy Sievers, and Steve Henderson. Hey, Steve Henderson was part of the Tom Seaver trade. Wasn’t that stellar?

Jay Hook, noted engineer and frustrating pitcher, was born on my birthday.

But then, after I stopped collecting (in fits and starts) my birthday started to shine: Jamie Moyer, Dante Bichette (ok, a cubic zirconium), Tom Gordon, Gary Sheffield, David Ortiz (Papi!) and C. J. Wilson. Not bad, not bad at all.

(These are for CJ):

Briggs, though, was kind of a dud. He was part of that 1976 Angels team that was put the ‘a’ in anemic. (He also split time at first base and center field – which is a very odd combo.) Briggs did his part for California, notching an OBP and SLG under .300.

After the Angels gave up on him, he went from town to town, bat in hand. He was traded notables like Mike Champion and Mike Griffin, and was part of the Dave Cash deal with Bill Almon. I do recall the Cubs giving him his last shot in 1982, and he rewarded the North Siders by going 6-48 with NO walks. NONE! Yick. He did hit in the minors, in the usual places (El Paso, the PCL and Denver) but it didn’t translate.

He spent two years in Japan, and later was head coach at Denison. Denison is in the same athletic conference as my alma mater, Wabash.

So there circle is complete.

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