Jo-Jo Reyes – 2009 Upper Deck

November 16, 2011

Jo-Jo Reyes, Your Life Is Calling!

Oh, wait, that’s Jo Jo Dancer.

It could have been Jo Jo Starbuck, or Mrs. Terry Bradshaw (for a while).

Actually, my life is calling. Work has been quite busy. I have some early morning calls to our development team in India coming up. I’m learning a new process and product, and there’s some, well, discussions about money and deliverables.

Fun. So that’s why I haven’t written much.

I can say that Mr. Troll sent me a few cards I needed and I’ll return the favor soon! Thanks, my friend!

As for Mr. Reyes, his career is calling. Well, what’s left of it.

Last year, he was 7-11, 5.57 (76+ ERA) with Toronto and Baltimore, and for his career, he’s only 12-26 with a 6.05 (70+ ERA).  He was the bad part of the trade that saw the Jays steal Yunel Escobar from the Braves, and Toronto just waived him on to the Orioles. Well, it’s not like the O’s had any better alternatives at the end, trotting out folks like Matusz and VandenHurk.

Jo Jo needs to step up, or he’ll be gone gone.




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