Frank Wills – 1986 Fleer

November 11, 2011

“Wrong Number, Meat”

Frank was a loner during his year with the Mariners.

You would be an angry man if you went from spending 1984 with a perennial contender, the Royals (don’t laugh please) to spending 1985 with the laughing stock of the American League.

You would be an irate man if you only went to the Mariners after spending the spring with the Mets, who were very much on the rise. (Wills was part of a four-team deal also involving the Royals, Mets, Rangers and Brewers also involving Danny Darwin, Don Slaught, Tim Leary and Jim Sundberg.)

You would be a furious man if you went 5-11, 6.00 (ERA 70+) with more walks than strikeouts and earned a trip to the Great White North (Calgary) for a stint.

And you would be an irascible curmudgeon if some nosy photographer wanted to snap your picture while stewing over your last outing and watching Mark Langston or Jim Beattie also getting their head caved in.

So, yeah…shut up meat.

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