Donnie Hill – 1987 Topps

November 6, 2011

A Dilemma. Also, Most Inexcusable Air-Brush Job Ever.

The dilemma is this, my friends.

I finally got all of my keepers located and put into containers where I can locate them, and store them in the garage. I posted on my Facebook page (which you can find if you know me name) that I couldn’t locate my Misc. Fleer binder, but it was under a pillow on the love seat (which mostly collects things right now). Also, I just tweeted (which you can find if you think about it a bit, especially if you’ve received email from me) about my dilemma.

Which is…

I don’t know what to do with my doubles. I gots some good doubles for trade, but I also have a scad of junk waxes that I somehow didn’t get rid of in spring cleaning / grab bags. And now I don’t have anything to store them in. I went to a LCS yesterday but arrived too late. I consolidated on the move and just don’t want to dump these things into boxes.

I wonder, WONDER, mind you, if I should just recycle cards like the above Donnie Hill. It’s against my manifesto – and I probably could just donate them to Goodwill. (Actually, that’s what I’ll do probably.) It’s more of a storage thing than anything. But then I remember I was the loony who wanted to try to get those sets and, well, I want to perform the same service.

Think, think, think. Oh, bother.

At any rate, I’ll sort this thing out soon.

But now onto Mr. Hill.

The scan doesn’t do the card justice.

(Nor does the knife feel like justice, really…)

It’s just electric green and the A’s had is definitely plunked onto his head. I don’t think he was wearing a hat in the shot.

The question is why was Mr. Hill subjected to the treatment given to those who were traded or signed as a free agent or rushed up to the minors in a huff?

You look at the back of Hill’s card, he doesn’t have his minor league stats printed. So he wasn’t a rookie or a noob.

In fact, he played two full seasons and two mostly full seasons in the bigs. He was the regular second sacker in 1985 and in 1986 split time with Tony Phillips and then filled in quite a bit at third for Carney Lansford.

No star he, but he had played 357 big league games for Oakland. And Topps gave him the electric green airbrush treatment.

Some things I just don’t understand. But maybe I’m not supposed to.

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