Bobby Brown – 1983 Topps

November 4, 2011

Which Bobby Brown Is This Not?

That’s a silly question.

We know he is the outfielder that floated through several teams in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He was quite peripatetic, playing for the Blue Jays, Yankees, Marines and Padres (with a side note of a Rule V spring training with the Mets).

He was originally an Orioles farmhand, was released, signed by the Phils, traded to the Yanks with Jay Johnstone for Rawly Eastwick, then Rule V to the Mets. The Blue Jays offered him back to the Yanks, and he was a rarity – a rule V returnee that played in the majors the same year he was returned to the team that lost him in that draft.

Bobby had a good run, and retired after 1985 when he realized that it was over. Of course, a .390 OPS had a lot to do with that decision.

Bobby Brown, of course, is quite a common name, especially in sports and entertainment.

In baseball:

There’s Dr. Bobby Brown, former Yankees pitcher and AL President.

There is Bob Brown, who had an *interesting* career. Lifetime he was 16-21 with an 85 ERA+, but had one awesome year in 1932 at age 21 (14-7, 3.30 ERA, 114 ERA+ and finished 11th in MVP voting). It had to be arm issues, but he wasn’t work especially hard in either the minors or his big year for the Boston Braves.

There are six Bob Browns that played in the minors, and five Bobby Browns who never hit the big time either.

You also know Bobby Brown, R & B singer:

Of course, I prefer him in New Edition:

(If I like the girl, who cares who you like)

But there’s one other Bobby Brown, and the lyrical content is NSFW:

I’d knew you’d be surprised…



One Response to “Bobby Brown – 1983 Topps”

  1. night owl Says:

    I was going to use this exact same card with pretty much this very same theme as a cardboard appreciation topic last week, but then a former player had to die.

    Guess it was fate there smed!

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