Kevin Youkilis – 2011 Allen & Ginter

July 30, 2011


Gint-A-Cuff pack five. More coming soon!

270 – Kevin Youkilis – FAVE – (+4) –  Red Sox – My favorite player. Well, at least right now in this system. More on that below!

216 – Jose Tabata – Pirates

84 – Gregory Infante – White Sox

124 – Chad Billingsley – Dodgers

41 – Carlos Santana – Indians

310 – Matt Kemp – Dodgers – SHORT PRINT + SOMEONE”S FAVE (+4)

WMF6 – Count St. German – World’s Most Mysterious Figures (+3)

HH38 – Andre Etheir – Hometown Heroes (+1)

REVISION : My Lester short print (in pack four) is also a GINTER CODE CARD (+3 added). I grabbed a scan from another place since my scanner is down and I just looked at the card in my binder and it’s very subtle. Please please trust me!

Pack Total – 12

Revision – 3

Running Total – 41

That’s eight points a pack. Is it enough?


Youkilis is my favorite player. Well, since there’s no Pat Neshek here or other quirky dude (Hayhurst would qualify but he’s not pictured as a player so I didn’t choose him). The issue is that my favorite players aren’t necessarily the ones that get in the A&G set.

Other than that, I’m watching Phil Coke hit everyone on the Angels team, so more later…

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