Dillon Gee – 2011 Allen & Ginter

July 21, 2011

More Gint-A-Cuff Madness

Time for another pack, and with the scoring system revealed, I’ve updated the past posts as well.

101 – Peter Bourjous – Angels

140 – Felix Hernandez – M’s (+2)

27 – Dillon Gee – Mets. Any relation to Wendell Gee?

173 – Mariano Rivera – Yanks (-1)

22 – Michael Bourn – Astros

345 – Zack Greinke – Brewers (SHORT PRINT!) (+2)

PP4 – Igor – Portraits In Penultimacy Mini (+3)

FF6 – HMS Indefatigable – Floating Fortress Insert (+2)

Pack Total – 8

Running Total – 17


Bourjous is a great outfielder. He has to be to play between Wells and Hunter. What could derail his career is his lack of plate discipline. He’s one to watch.

Hernandez was someone’s favorite player; no big surprise there. The M’s are starting to sink. Their offense is reverting to the total suckitude of last season, and even Ichiro looks toasted (78 OPS+).

Gee looks like he’s going to be a good one. Gee, Davis, Thole, Niese and Beato are a good core for the Mets. Could they be on the upswing again?

Rivera gets a negative for being a Yankee. But maybe there should be dispensation. Besides 1995, his worst ERA+ was 144 (in 2007) and his worst WAR was 1.7 (in 2002). Yikes.

The Astros want to trade Pence. Maybe they should trade Bourn. I think his offense has plateaued and it wasn’t as all that and a bucket of chicken anyway. The Astros need so much help in so many places.

Greinke has a 5.04 ERA, and has given up nine unearned runs. He’s got a negative WAR this year, though hits hits allowed is normal and his K/BB ratio is outstanding. What’s not outstanding is that about 1/2 of his hits allowed are extra base hits. Ouch!

Igor was always underrated. He probably did so much good but not when the camera was watching.

The HMS Indefatigable in this case refers to the first one, commissioned in 1784. That’s a great 18th century name. Pip, pip and all that.

So that’s three down. I gots them all opened and some scored, but I have a busy week again. Patience, of course, will be the key!


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