Aroldis Chapman – 2011 Allen & Ginter

July 19, 2011

Pack 2 Revealed…

Well, I think we’re all waiting for the scoring system. And, I think the haters and nay-sayers are out there. They remind me of a great line spoken by Terry Jones on a Monty Python album on why he wants to remove the gannet from “Olsen’s Standard Book of British Birds”.

“I don’t like them; they wet their nests..”

Anyway,  it’s another meh pack. But things may be looking up later.

Regular Cards:

253 – Mike Minor – Braves

76 – Chase Headley – Padres (Shouldn’t that be Chase Headley, Esq.? or Chase Headley IV?)

5 – Aroldis Chapman – Reds

267 – Brett Sinkbeil – Marlins

158 – Billy Butler – Royals

87 – Colby Lewis – Rangers


296 – Derek Lowe – Braves – A&G BACK! (+2)

HH90 – Ryan Howard – Hometown Heroes (+1)

Score: 3

Running Score: 9

Notes: Yeah, it’s meh. But you take the good with the bad, and there are some stories here.

Minor  – Remember Maddux / Smoltz / Glavine / Avery / Pete Smith? Yeah, the Braves are about ready to meet or exceed that. Hudson and Lowe will be expendable sooner or later. But if the Braves can keep Jurrjens, Hanson, Beachy, Minor, Tehran and / or Delgado healthy and on point, and in the organization, that’s going to be a formidable staff for years to come.

Headley – The only offensive player of note for the Padres also has one of the most stilted names out there. Chase Headley sounds like one of Neidermeyer’s minions. I don’t know what’s more amazing – that Harang is 7-2 with that group of offensive schmos or that Latos, Moseley, Richard and Stauffer haven’t strangled their teammates.

Chapman – Based on their runs scored vs. runs allowed the Reds should be 51-45. Chapman is under-achieving, and can’t throw strikes. Volquez, Wood and Arroyo are not good, bad. And the Reds should petition MLB to switch leagues and have a DH bat for Janish instead of the pitcher.

Sinkbeil – Old man Jack is 15-9 as the Marlins skipper, but that could be mere regression to the mean. Florida is now within striking distance of .500 even after their wretched stretch. And how has Sinkbeil contributed to this. Not at all. He was flat out released by Florida in spring training, yet here he is with an A&G card. I love the set, but I still think Topps’ checklist choices are made by dudes that huffed too many airbrush fumes in the 80’s. He’s now in Class A for the Pirates. Class A? At age 26? Well, he’ll always have this beautiful card.

Butler – The Royals are on to something. If they can keep Butler, Hosmer and Moustakas and learn that guys like Chris Getz can’t play major league baseball, they’ll be fine.

Lewis – Colby Lewis will give you 200 innings of league-average pitching. That’ll do, pitch, that’ll do.

Lowe – I said it here. Watch for falling stock.

Howard – He’s from St. Louis? My girlfriend is in St. Louis right now. Coincidence!

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