Juan Perez – 2007 Topps

July 16, 2011

We Interrupt This Program For This Special Bulletin…

The Pittsburgh Freakin’ Pirates are in FIRST PLACE! In July!

I think I have pulled this card about 20 times in the 15 months I’ve been collecting, so it’s apropos to this announcement.

It’s apropos because Perez was given a card in the base set by Topps even though he had been waived by the Mets in August 2006 and was a minor league free agent before then.

Juan Perez signifies how horrific the Pirates were. They had no one else, really, except to give a card to a guy who went 0-1 with no saves in AAA despite pitching in 47 games (covering 70 innings). Say want you will about records, but pitchers with few decisions aren’t usually in the game when it’s decision time! Mainly because the managers don’t trust them.

And no, this wasn’t an Update card. This was second series base! Card 633. Topps had to give a base card to someone who pitched 3 1/3 innings even though they were released in series and didn’t try to go for 792 or 800 or the 1200 card Upper Deck set. Wowser.

But both Perez and the Pirates have had resurrections in 2011. The Pirates, as you know, are in FIRST PLACE as of this posting.

And now Juan Perez is back in the bigs. After washing out with the Pirates in 2007 and dealing with ineffectiveness and injuries, he’s up with the Phillies now and had just set an amazing record.

He had a perfect inning.

What? Yes, a perfect inning.

One inning. Three strikeouts. NINE PITCHES!

Against the Braves on July 8, Perez came in to pitch the 10th for the homestanding Phils.

Jason Heyward, the whiff.

Nate McLouth, the whiff (though it was a 2-3 putout, but still, the whiff).

Wilkin Ramirez, the whiff.

All of the strikeout pitches were swinging.

That’s some stuff there. Props to Perez and props to the Pirates.

One Response to “Juan Perez – 2007 Topps”

  1. Nick Says:

    Great post… I remember pulling a ton of Perez from 2007 Fleer. Glad to see he’s doing well.

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