Adam Lind – 2011 Allen & Ginter

July 15, 2011

Pack 1 Revealed…

Here we go. I’ll retro-score this, but it ain’t really earth shattering.

Regular Cards:

296 – Derek Lowe – Braves

141 – Vernon Wells – Angels

197 – Jay Bruce – Reds

153 – Scott “Posey Killah” Cousins – Marlins

169 – Dan Haren – Umm…let’s see…Oh, Diamondbacks, right? NO? Oh, the Angels…yeesh.

281 – Adam Lind – Blue Jays

75 – Jose Reyes – Mets – REGULAR MINI

HH34 – Chipper Jones – Hometown Heroes (+1)

A&G Binder Card – 15% off Official Deluxe Binder – Whoop-de-damn-do (right Derek Coleman…)

Score: 1

Running Score: 6

Notes: Overall, it’s kind of a blah way to start the shebang. I’m worried that Reyes will cost me points since he’s a Met.

Originally I mistyped the Hometown Hero card and put in #24 which is Andruw Jones. Chipper’s better though.

Lowe seems to be in serious decline, as in he’s got maybe a season left at most.

Wells also looks like he’s on the decline. But he’s still getting $$$!

Bruce is going to be a star, especially if he gets away from Dusty. He’s got to learn to take a walk or two.

Why did Cousins get a card in this set? He’s 26, and his minor league numbers were quite pedestrian. While he’s not as bad as he is in 2011, the average between 2010 and 2011 seems right, which isn’t A&G worthy. Though he’d get my beloved base card back in the day!

Haren’s been overshadowed by Jered Weaver, but he’s a fine pitcher and was a shrewd acquisition last season by the Angels. What’s better is that he’s been durable.

Lind is having a great season, and of course playing in Toronto in the AL East he’s been overshadowed. The best thing is that he’s found a home at first base, after playing in left field with a skillet and a colander for the past few years.

Well, I’m off to an inauspicious start.

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