Joe Ferguson – 1978 Topps

June 16, 2011

Just A Quick Note…

Hopefully soon I’ll be back to posting in a regular basis. But I’ve had things, good things, percolating. I am very optimistic about a job back in my field. I will need to relocate, but you know, at this point, that’s OK by me.

Joe Ferguson was really OK.  He always seemed to wear a batting helmet on in his cards. He looked like the dude that played in 4 softball leagues a week and treated them all to beer afterwards. But he could hit but his offensive skills weren’t valued in the 1970’s for some idiotic reason. He was the kind of player that could have an OPS+ of over 110 with only a .220 batting average.

And I’m really OK, too. I feel loved and blessed. And then, I read the posts from you knuckleheads, and I feel loved and blessed even more.

All I did was send you guys cards that I couldn’t move (and you grab baggers – more to follow). But dang, the testimonials are making me feel verklempt…

Talk amongst yourselves…

Here’s a topic: If Jeff Francouer played in the era of Bill James’ Baseball Abstract series of books, he would be more villified than Enos Cabell was.

One Response to “Joe Ferguson – 1978 Topps”

  1. reivax Says:

    The softball comment made me laugh, so true.
    Back in maybe ’74 or ’75, him and some other Dodgers, including Sutton, came to our opening ceremonies at Harbor Area Little League. He was real cool, he talked to me and let me hold his glove and try it on.

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