Howard Johnson – 1994 UD Collector’s Choice

May 17, 2011

Hojo Joins The Old Man’s Expansion Team

First, thanks much to Play At The Plate and YOOOOGE thanks to Oh NO! for their contributions to the Spring Cleaning booty. I am putting together some packages tonight and tomorrow for shipment. FINALLY!

Second, I’m saddened that Harmon Killebrew passed away. I remember that I used to have his 1972 card. Used to. Long gone. Sigh.

And now…Hojo’s sad tenure with the Rockies.

Expansion teams follow two schools of thought – one is to grab the young players and build them, and the second is to grab vets for name recognition and hope for the best.

The Rockies were in their second season in 1994 and I’m pretty sure they went for the latter. In 1993, they wheeled out the decaying corpses of Dale Murphy, Bryn Smith and Bruce Hurst. For 1994, they tried their luck with HoJo and some others.

None of their eight regular position players were under 27. In fact, of their top 14 position players, the only players under 27 were Vinny Castilla (26) and Roberto Mejia (22). Otherwise, it was a case of Danny Sheaffers and John Vander Wals on the bench.

Not many of those bench players had much left – and HoJo definitely didn’t. His OPS+ was 77 and he had a negative WAR in 1994.

It wasn’t but 1991 when HoJo was a holy terror. 4.1 WAR, 145 OPS+ and 38 home runs.

The mighty fall, and fall quickly.

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