Scott Kamieniecki – 1994 UD Collector’s Choice

May 11, 2011


Can someone please tell me what is going on here?



Does Showalter know about this?

And more importantly, how did the Yanks go 88-74 with a rotation Jimmy Key, Melido Perez, Jim Abbott, Kamieniecki, and Bob Wickman (with the occasional side order of Mike Witt, Domingo Jean and Sterling Hitchcock among others – Buck used 12 starters in all), and a pen where Steve Farr was the closer and the others around were Rich Monteleone, Steve Howe, Bobby Munoz and John Habyan? How does that happen?

2 Responses to “Scott Kamieniecki – 1994 UD Collector’s Choice”

  1. Bo Rosny Says:

    That was actually a great pitching staff. The bullpen was the same one that was the strength of the otherwise lousy Stump Merrill years, particularly the two Steves but also Habyan. Key was a perennial all-star, Perez was a steady innings-eater, and Wickman got off to a very hot start to his career, kind of a Kevin Maas of pitchers.

  2. smedindy Says:

    That’s as maybe for 1992, but in 1993:

    Perez 6-14, 5.19, ERA+ 80, -0.8 WAR
    Monteleone, 4.94 ERA, ERA+ 85, -0.7 WAR
    Wickman, 4.63 ERA, 10 unearned runs, -0.4 WAR
    Howe, 4.97 ERA, -0.6 WAR
    Farr, 6 blown saves, 0.2 WAR

    In fact, the team pitching WAR was 4.5 and Jimmy Key had a 5.5 WAR

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