Jason Kubel / Trevor Plouffe – 2005 Topps Total

April 28, 2011

Good Call, Topps!

First of all, thanks to BA Benny for his great group break, and much thanks to Heartbreaking Cards for a great haul of 2009 Heritage. My want list for Spring Cleaning has been updated!

Second, I’m still sorting my spring cleaning. I hope to have 6 teams shipped out soon. My job at Target has been keeping me busy.

As I sit here in the ugly, gloomy afternoon, watching what amounts to a split-squad lineup for the Twins with the realization that Anthony “Mr. 6.21” Swarzak starting game two of the day/night DH, I have come to the sad realization that the 2011 Twins are cursed, at least right now. Already, they’ve had seven call-ups and last night had one healthy bench player, the backup catcher.

(Another reason why I hate 12-man staffs…but…)

And one player who has NOT been called up, but could realistically come up soon if Alexi Casilla continues to stank is Trevor Plouffe. If he comes up and sticks, this will be a rare dual prospect card with two ‘hits’ as it were. Jason Kubel, as you know, is a regular major league player. He’s not going to be a super-star, but he’s a good player, and excellent for a 12th round pick. (Though now he’s a bit more hirsute that he was in this photo…)

Kubel got his first taste of action in the majors in 2004, while Plouffe was the Twins’ first-round pick. The Twins didn’t think they had a need in the middle infield so Plouffe has been parked in Rochester for a long time. Frankly, he may not be a regular every day player, but still he’s got a chance to be better than Casilla, Brendan Harris or Nick Punto.

And frankly, it’s also a wonder that Topps was pretty prescient and had two players on the card that in 2005 that are still in the mix in 2011. Ever look at the “Rookie Stars” in 2009 Heritage? How many have been DFA’d?

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