Syketo Anderson – 2002 Topps Total

April 24, 2011

A Missed Opportunity (-ies)?

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If you’re looking for Syketo in Baseball Reference, he’s known as Keto Anderson. Still, the premise is the same.

Syketo missed his opportunity. He hit well in the rookie league and the Northwest League, but was still raw in some baseball skills (20 for 36 in steals, 13 walks in two seasons in the AZL.)

In 2001, he led the Northwest League in batting average (.376), runs (70), and hits (109). He then played a few games in the Midwest League but didn’t hit well. Still, with some work he could have an impact. His brother, Marlon Anderson, was already in the bigs and baseball does love it some nepotism. So does Topps, and that’s why he probably got a card in Total.

After the season, he was traded to the Padres for Winston Abreu. (Yeah, I had to really dig for that one…Abreu was traded to the Padres from the Braves as part of one of many trades involving Rudy Seanez in the history of baseball. Abreu was released by the Cubs in April of 2002, foreshadowing for Anderson…)

Syketo was sent back to the Midwest League and had a good average, but he didn’t walk and was 11 for 20 in steals. He also had just one home run. So there was work to be done. The scene in Spring Training 2003 probably looked like this:

“Anyone who has a roster spot please step forward. Not so fast Syketo…”

Yes, he was released in Spring 2003. He then spent four seasons in the independent leagues for four different teams before hanging them up after a season in the United League where he led the league in runs scored, hits and stolen bases. But playing for Alexandria in the UL was probably not going to get him to the bigs, so he hung ’em up.

So Anderson missed his opportunity. But even if he made the bigs there would have been another opportunity lost.

Can you imagine Harry Caray saying Syketo?

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