Carlos Perez – 1995 Stadium Club

April 23, 2011

Crazy Was Genetic

Hey, you know about the Spring Cleaning, right? You know, sign up for a team and / or a set and get cards for a very reasonable price (as in, be honest with sending me stuff and sending me the postage). Some good teams with LOTS of good stuff are available. Look over ——-> for details.

Carlos Perez, the last of the three Perez brothers to make the show. And yes while Pascual was the most flamboyant, and Melido was probably the calmest, Carlos may have had the most raw talent, and the Eppy Calvin LaLouche 2 cent head.

He had a checkered career in the low minors, but in 1993 and 1994 put up some great numbers and was ready for the big time when MLB resumed after the work stoppage.

In 1995, his rookie year, Carlos had 106 K’s and 28 BB’s in 141 innings. That’s command and control. Then he hurt his shoulder and missed a year. But he rebounded for some decent seasons in 1997 and 1998. During the latter season he was traded to the Dodgers along with all-name-HOFers Hiram Bocachica and Mark Grudzielanek for Vlad’s little bro Wilton, Ted Lilly (what goes around comes around, I guess), Pete “Yeah, I Stunk In Retrospect” Bergeron and a minor leaguer.

So the Dodgers thought he was a safe investment.

Never make a long-term investment in a Perez brother.

After signing a big contract, he went 7-18 with a 6.28 ERA. And no, he wasn’t pitching in Coors Field. His home park was Dodger Stadium and that’s a ERA+ of 69 and a WAR of -2.6 over those two years.

He pitched in Las Vegas in 2001, but the Dodgers then just let him go away, quickly. (Can you imagine a Perez brother in Vegas?? Wow…)

But you know, in looking at this card, you realize why he was exciting and why teams wanted him. He had a joy on the mound. I’d rather have a demonstrative joy than a unsmiling curmudgeon.

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