Jeremy Giambi – 2002 Topps Total

April 22, 2011


Just think if Jeremy slid into home on that fateful play, what would be different (assuming Jeter still tries to make the play)?

That would have tied the game at 1, with the Yanks already down 2-0. That means the Yanks wouldn’t have been around to lose to the Diamondbacks in the World Series.

Jeter would still be Jeter.

The Yankees would still be the Yankees.

The A’s still would be who they were – discarding expensive players for cheaper, and sometimes better, alternatives.

Jeremy would still be out of the league earlier than he should have been thanks to a blatant disregard of defense and a bat that just withered and died.

In effect, nothing would have changed except who the Diamondbacks played in the 2001 World Series, and the possible winner of the 2001 Series. But anything after that…same story.


2 Responses to “Jeremy Giambi – 2002 Topps Total”

  1. […] Who knows, without his injuries, maybe Jeremy wouldn’t have needed to slide! […]

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