Mike Gallego – 1986 Topps

April 18, 2011

This Could Be Me, As A Player

First thing – I have been silent thanks to a great weekend. No, really, it was great.

Second, I will be posting my updated want list and late this week post the sign up sheet for the Spring Cleaning.

Third, I now have a part-time job at Target. No, I’m not spending my earning on blasters. Yet.

As for Gallego, I may have been weird, or realistic, but in dreaming of playing baseball for $$ as a kid I always thought I’d be more of a middle infielder than anything. I knew I didn’t have power but I thought with smarts and versatility I could carve out a niche. At least when I dreamt about it.

Of course, that was in the 70’s and 80’s where you had 15 position players, usually, so there was plenty of room for a utility infielder or two on the roster. So I identified with the Junior Kennedys, Dave Rosellos, Scott Fletchers, and yes, Mike Gallegos of the world.

For the most part, Gallego was a guy who could play multiple positions, bunt and keep things steady by giving everyone a day off or two. Just as long as he wasn’t the regular, he was valuable.

Gallego, though, DID become the ‘regular’ shortstop in 1989 and the ‘regular’ second baseman in 1990, and had predictably so-so results.

In 1991, he really was the regular 2B for the A’s (126 games started) and somehow had a great offensive season, hitting 12 home runs and had a 4.3 WAR. (With those 12 homers, did he find the leftover juice in the locker room?? Hmmm…)

The Yanks made him a millionaire after that season, and in 1992 he didn’t do much, but he had another great year in 1993 as a plug-in at 2B, SS and 3B. After that, it was a steady decline into coaching.

Yeah, I know, most kids want to be the stars – Ripken, Boggs, Bench, Morgan. But baseball needs Gallego’s as well. And you know, why can’t you dream about that too?

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