Chris James – 1991 Studio

April 12, 2011

Was Chris James Pulling Our Leg?

First, I’m almost ready to start updating lists here and beginning the Spring Cleaning. I have bindered up the sets and cards I want to keep and now will sort the others into teams, doubles and sets. Yes, for some of my larger sets with multiples I’m going to send out a grab bag there as well. So if you’re behind on a set, just ask for it. You’ll get it. Heh.

Second, I’ve enjoyed writing for Bad Wax. Some of the readers over there, though, have said they do not like it when I dabble in poetry or other frivolities. I tell you what, if Dan Quisenberry wrote poetry then poetry is OK by me. Besides, poets get more chicks than neanderthal douches. But haters, they gonna hate.

Now, on to our main feature…

Studio, I think, was rather star-crossed. It was a good idea for perhaps an insert but maybe not for huge sets. Then it got kinda out of control (but yet, I’m trying to collect the “Credit Card Set” from Studio. Go figure…) with the poses and stuff. Early on, though, it was just pretty simple head shots or portraits.

The back wasn’t filled with the usual stats (which would have been a turn-off for me) but facts – much like you would find in the media guide. The back of this set had headings of PERSONAL, CAREER, and HOBBIES & INTERESTS. It’s funny that this card does not mention that James’ brother was Craig James, the famed SMU running back who was in the backfield with Eric Dickerson and later has become a football analyst on TV.

James was a journeyman’s journeyman. He was not drafted but signed with the Phillies in 1981 as a free agent. Usually, that’s a ticket for a season of rookie ball, extended spring training, and then a pink slip. But James started to hit, and was in AA by 1983 and AAA by 1984. In 1987, he received ROY votes and had a 10-year major-league career. Mostly he was a fourth outfielder / DH / pinch hitter type but he had a few seasons as a regular.

In this card, his personal and career seemed normal, but then we get to Hobbies & Interests.

Most of it is sadly predictable and generic. He likes hunting, country music, Coach (the TV show), the Cowboys and the Rockets.

But there are two things that stand out.

He likes hunting…cows. Cows? I didn’t know that the East Texas woods were full of wild, feral bovines.

That can’t be much of a sport. Cows in a field just kind of stand around, mooing and chewing.

But then, we get a note that his hero is…

Richard Nixon.


Nixon did some good things, but he did many bad things. Unless you like your government unaccountable and corrupt, then you have to admit that Nixon shouldn’t be anyone’s hero.

James, of course, may be playing people for a fool. But it wouldn’t surprise me that a Dick Nixon fan would like hunting cows.


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