LaTroy Hawkins – 2010 Upper Deck

April 8, 2011

So Upper Deck Thought They Could Have Gotten Away With It?

This card is part of Smed’s Spring Cleaning. I added more cards to the kitty today from sets that I don’t think I’ll complete in the near future. There may be some gems (not rare, of course, but cards you don’t see much of) in there, along with a bunch of UD Collector’s Choices and stuff and things.

The late, unlamented 2010 Upper Deck set I think would have looked good if it was licensed. It’s sad that a once mighty company that shook up the baseball card world was reduced to skullduggery, though. They weren’t supposed to use any licensed logos or uniforms, as I recall, yet almost every card had a partial uniform and or hat that was easily identifiable.

No wonder they were sued and had to scuttle their plans for any other sets, and the ‘second wave’ of the 2010 set.

I’d love to see a competitor to Topps as long as both card companies don’t go hog wild with sets that really can’t be completed by the average collector in a year. I’d also like to somehow make it so pack searchers are publicly ridiculed. I’m going to start a part-time job at a Target on Tuesday while I look for a full-time one in my career. Perhaps I’ll find a pack searcher and put him in the stocks so we can throw tomatoes at him.



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