Jeff Kent – 2008 Topps A & G

April 4, 2011

You Gotta Hand It To Topps…

On the A & G set, they even make this yokel look halfway decent.

My best friend and I had a name for guys like Kent whilst we were in our small hometown in BFE Indiana, post college.

“Center parting mouth breathers with baby mustaches.”

Now Kent may have some supporters, but his attitude is pretty much universally reviled. To me, he was the only guy that made Barry Bonds look semi-decent.

Now can you imagine a team like this:

C- AJ Pierzynski

1B – Mo Vaughn

2B – Jeff Kent

SS – Garry Templeton

3B – Phil Nevin

LF – Manny Ramirez

CF – Barry Bonds

RF -Albert Belle

BENCH – Bobby Bonilla, Vince Coleman, Michael Barrett, Derek Bell, Juan Bell, Yuniel Escobar

P – Kenny Rogers, Kevin Brown, Roger Clemens, Carlos Zambrano, Gene Harris, Rob Dibble, Joba Chamberlain, Kyle Farnsworth, Mel Rojas, Steve Trachsel, Armando Benitez

That team would win a crap-load of games, but who could manage them? And would they burn down the clubhouse? (Mind you, this list was off-the-cuff helped with a bit of Google search.)

This Kent card is part of Smed’s Spring Cleaning, just to whet your appetite for mayhem…

3 Responses to “Jeff Kent – 2008 Topps A & G”

  1. night owl Says:

    Kent was the only player I knew who showed open disdain for Barry Bonds. That’s one point in his favor.

    You’ve got to get Shea Hillenbrand on that roster.

  2. Why do you have Johnny Bench on the team, and why capitalized? 😉

    Try bunting on Cliff Lee, and he crosses over to the dark side, too. How about Milton Bradley and Nyjer Morgan?

  3. Kerry Biggs Says:

    Where is Carl Everett, to doubt the existence of dinosaurs?

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