Kason Gabbard – 2007 Topps Update

April 2, 2011

I Gotta Clean House Here!

It seems like everyone is spring cleaning their collection, and that’s true with me.

I received generous packages from Crinkly Wrappers and Dawgbones.

I guess I won some contest with the Dawg since he sent me nice Neshek and Ramos autos. Woot! And Ted sent me enough 1993 Topps that I’m going to binder them. Double woot!

I have now separated my spreadsheets into bindered and non-bindered, and I am working on updating my want list to list the exact cards I need for each bindered set here. The non-bindered will be on the spreadsheets, and I have other sets that I want to start but not enough to track yet.

That leaves the rest – the relics, minis, autos, doubles, etc. that I don’t want. The sets that I have maybe 10-15 of that just don’t move me. Oh, did I say doubles? How about triples and quadruples? How about this?

The Dawg had a nice series on a 2007 Topps Update blaster he got, and I decided that I was going to ship him my doubles of 2007 Topps – Opening Day, Series 1 & 2, Updates, Inserts, etc.

What the pile is on the bed of my undisclosed location is the leftovers of Series 1 & 2 and updates AFTER I packed one of each double in a big ol’ box for him.

Thanks to the value re-packs at Target, that’s a metric ton o’ cards.

This is where you come in.

Now, don’t think that some unlucky winner is going to get the 5 copies of the Kason Gabbard card I scanned here. That’s not the point. I don’t want to be heartless or cruel. But I do want to move a lot of my cards.

Here’s the scoop. Pay attention.

Most all of you have a team you collect, even if you’re a set collector.

Most of you prize parallels, relics, etc. from those teams.

Most of you have a lot of the base sets of those teams but use doubles for many other reasons.

In a few days I’ll create a page to sign up for a team. This will be after I get my online want list changed.

You sign up for a team, you’ll get all of the relics, minis, parallels, odds and ends, and a generous collection of doubles from some base sets I’m collecting – with no doubles in your package, UNLESS you say it’s OK.

There will also be a sign up for any and all non-team cards (mostly A&G or Goodwin Champs). In that as well you’ll get all of the doubles from the team sets.

What is the catch you say? All you need to do is send me cards off my want list and kick in a bit for postage. How much and how many cards? We shall see after I split them up.

I will reveal more later – what I do know is that there are some mighty fine goodies lurking about for someone. There is one printing plate, a couple of nice signatures, and some nice parallels. Oh, and about 19 Randy Messenger 2007 Topps Update cards.

Stay tuned for further details on this station. We now return you to The Fishin’ Musician already in progress…

One Response to “Kason Gabbard – 2007 Topps Update”

  1. That Fee Waybill, what a fisherman!

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