Chris Iannetta – 2009 Upper Deck

March 27, 2011

How Long Can You Be The Catcher Of The Future?

I’ve had a crazy few weeks. Life is, well, interesting at times. Challenging. Yet you have to live it. And that’s what I’m doing, as best as I can!

Since 2006 (or maybe before) Iannetta has been tabbed as “the catcher of the future” for the Rockies. When you hit .336 in AA and AAA as a 23-year old catcher, you get noticed. He played fairly well in 2006 for a cup of coffee in Colorado.

And each year hence, he’s the ‘catcher of the future’. In fact, he STILL is listed as a possible fantasy baseball breakout player. My gosh, though, that’s 4+ years of being ‘the future’. Are we in fish or cut bait territory?

What’s happened?

In 2007, he didn’t hit much for average, but showed some on-base skills and decent defensive metrics. He spent a brief time back in Colorado Springs.

In 2008, he had a great OPS+ of 125 and had 18 home runs. Iannetta started 96 games and looked to be, at age 25, a rising young catching star.

In 2009, he started 87 games, showed power and patience, but didn’t hit well for average. Still, his OPS+ was over 100 and his offensive WAR of 1.7 was good for a player hitting .228.

In 2010, he hit .197. He showed good power (9 home runs in 188 ABs). But his OPS+ was 78 and his defense backslid.

Who’s been ‘blocking’ Iannetta since 2007?

Well, Yorvit Torrealba and Miguel Olivo.

He’s going to be 28. If you can’t beat those guys out to be the regular catcher (mind you, he did get the most starts in 2008 and 2009 but in the playoffs in 2009, Torrealba was the catcher).

He’s no longer a ‘prospect’. In fact, he’s one season away from becoming a pledge in the backup catcher’s fraternity. But yet, on websites it says “he’s blossoming with the bat”. I’ll see it when I see it.




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