David Aardsma – 2011 Topps Heritage

March 24, 2011

Move Over Hank Aaron…

For many years, Aaron was the first in the alphabetical list of players.

But when Aardsma came up in 2004, Hank was relegated to second place.

(Yes, I know it’s old news, but still…many may not realize this.)

The first name listed in the alphabetical listing of players (by my brief research):

David Aardsma – 2004 – present

Hank Aaron – 1954 – 2003

John Abadie * – 1875 – 1953

Frank Abercrombie* – 1871 – 1875

* If you use the National Association as a big league, if not…

Ed Abbaticchio – 1897 – 1953

Bert Abbey – 1892 – 1896

Dan Abbott – 1890 – 1891

George Adams – 1879 – 1889

Bob Addy – 1876 – 1878

Just for kicks, here’s the last name in players:

Dutch Zwilling – 1910 – present

* Ed Zmich – 1910 (technically, he played about a month before Dutch…)

Frank Zinn – 1888 – 1909

Chief Zimmer – 1884 – 1887

George Zettlein – 1871 (or 1876) – 1883

Now you know…the rest of the story…

Aardsma has been the closer for two years in Seattle after a less than stellar career for the Giants, Cubs, White Sox and Red Sox.  He was a -0.4 WAR for his career and then he was the closer. Hmmm…

And now, he’s injured, with the new trendy injury for pitchers, hip labrum surgery. You know, that probably hurts like a mo-fo. But still, all of a sudden everyone (and by everyone I mean at least two I can remember) is getting a hip labrum repair. It’s the new botox, right?

One last thing about Aardsma…

Oh, wait, that’s aardvark…sorry.




One Response to “David Aardsma – 2011 Topps Heritage”

  1. cubsfan731 Says:

    That’s one of the things that I don’t like about Heritage this year-the Chrome Domes.

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