Chuck James – 2006 Fleer Tradition

March 23, 2011

An Excuse To Talk About A Few Things…

I like this set a lot. I completed it, and have a lot of doubles that I can send if someone wants a big head start.

Chuck James’ career, sadly, is pretty typical. A great rise, then when arm trouble started, he tried to pitch through it, couldn’t, and his career went poof.

And typically, he went down to the minors from where he hasn’t returned yet. Much like in ye olde days, where a horrific year (2-5, 9.10 in seven starts) would land someone in New Iberia or Zanesville. James wound up taking a year off then pitching well for Harrisburg and Syracuse last year upon recovery from surgery. I saw him pitch for Harrisburg last year on a business trip in New Hampshire and he looked sharp.

He’s in Twins camp this year. I don’t think he’s a candidate for the major league roster, since they have Mijares, Hughes, and Perkins as lefties in the pen and Scott Diamond as a Rule V player. Plus, he’s still got homer-itis, since he’s given up two dingers in 5 2/3 innings thus far. But he’s a lefty and breathing, so he’s just a heartbeat away from the bigs!

But what caused me to post was the weather up here in the Twin Cities.

I was out at 9:00 buying binders (and a couple o’ packs o’ Heritage) and it was…


What freakin’ month is this?

And the Twins are playing outdoors here in Minnesota on April 8. The typical weather in April is cloudy in the 40’s. Sleet on March 22? Could be an issue…

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