Ryan Madson – 2007 Topps

March 20, 2011

Blue In My Phillies Uniform?

Sure the Phils had the baby blue double knits in the 70’s. Who didn’t? I know what you’re thinking, though. The Phils just added a blue spring training / BP  jersey to enhance merch sales.

But the Phillies haven’t always been red. Yes, since WWII they have been predominately red. But they have had other colors in their history.

Way back in the early days, they had blue and / or black trim and socks. Many clubs that weren’t dictated by sock colors (see Cardinals, Browns, etc.) changed team colors early in their history. And for a time in the 30’s and early 40’s they had a lot of blue accents (hat, undershirt, socks) to go with the red on the jersey.

In 1942 and 1943, they went to black and white uniforms. 1944 though was a different story. The new owner of the Phillies, Bob Carpenter, Jr.  (brought in after Billy Cox was found to be betting on his team – which was illegal, of course, and rather idiotic since the Phils stank) decided to erase the “Phillies” stink and changed the name, unofficially, to Blue Jays.

The unis in 1944 and 1945 were blue / white or blue / gray.

The denizens of Philadelphia, of course, did not cotton to the change. Soon, the “Blue Jays” name was dispensed with and in 1946, the Phillies red came back into vogue.

So Madson’s uniform at least has SOME historical grounding.

I said…some.


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