Jim Vatcher – 1991 Topps

March 14, 2011

I’m In The Big Leagues, Right??

Well, here I am. The big leagues. And I even got mt own card. Not bad for a 20th round draft pick is it? I can’t believe it. This season was a whirlwind.

I had a bad start in Scranton but the Phillies needed help and called me up. I even hit my first big league home run against Juan Agosto, an opposite field shot. Next thing I know, I’m sent down because the Phillies got the great Dale Murphy.They got him for Jeff Parrett and a player to be named.

Then, I realize I’m the guy they traded for Dale Murphy! So I spend the last two months in Atlanta. They’ve got Lonnie Smith and Ronnie Gant in left and center, and they’re moving that kid Dave Justice to right field. So I didn’t play a lot but I’m in the big leagues! Right?

Can’t wait for next season. I feel there are good things ahead for the Braves.

Oh, what’s that you say?

The Braves put me on waivers? Took me off the roster? And the Padres picked me up?

San Diego is in the big leagues, right?

Well, at least I was traded for Dale Murphy. It’s not everyone who’s traded for a future Hall of Famer. And Murphy will be.


One Response to “Jim Vatcher – 1991 Topps”

  1. kate Says:

    Excuse my extreme ignorance regarding baseball cards, but doesn’t Jimmy Vatcher have a rookie card printed prior to the one w/ the Braves?

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