Chris Coste – 2009 Upper Deck

March 8, 2011

Safe, Out, or Nothing Happening?

Big news today.

First, got great cards from Lifetime Topps Project, Mark’s Ephemera and e rayhahn rayhahn (a/k/a Rhubarb Runner). They whacked a great deal off of my want list.

Second, I’m bindering up my complete sets or my close-to complete sets. What it is doing is giving me some quality control. Already in a few sets I’ve noticed a stray card or three that weren’t in the box I thought they were. Either they’re in another place or misplaced in my doubles, so my want list is fluxing right now.

Third, before the end of the month I want to move out a lot of doubles, relics, parallels and miscellaneous cards. I know there are a few cards that some people want but for a lot of them I want to just send a random bunch of cards to people with some great, some junk and some, well, interesting. I mean, yeah the box will have some 1988 Donruss but also a relic or three and a non-junk card and stuff. It’s like those miscellaneous packs at Target except you don’t have to pay $4.99 and I’ll fill a big ol’ box fer ya.

Fourth, this week is big, big, big for me. Cross your fingers.

And now…Chris Coste.

Actually, read his book. It’s pretty good and says more than I could about him. It seems his baseball story is at an end. He had surgery last year and as of right now is a free agent. But he made it to the show against all expectations. What more do you want?

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